By virtue of the article 6 of the law N 2004-575 of June 21st, 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy, is specified to the users of the site the identity of the various speakers within the framework of its realization and within the framework of its follow-up:

The present website is used by the company CRESPIN SHOES registered under the number 81931290100021 at the commercial department in Créteil.

The person in charge of the : Vincent ALBOUZE, reachable by email

Host of the site: Digital Ocean, company located in 101 Avenue of tea Americas 10th Floor New york, NY 10013.


The CRESPIN SHOES company is an owner of intellectual property rights or holds(detains) rights of user on all the accessible(approachable) elements on the site, in particular: texts, images, graphics(handwritings), logo, icons, …

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, whatever is the way(means) or the used process, is forbidden, except prior written authorization of the company CRESPIN SHOES.

Any unauthorized exploitation(operation) of the site or of any element which he(it) contains will be considered as essential of a forgery(imitation) and pursued according to provisions of the articles L.335-2 and following ones of the Code of Intellectual property.


The website uses a measurement system of audience, as well as a function of division on the social networks.

In application of the European directive said "package telecom", the Internet users must be informed and give their consent before the insertion of tracers (more usually called "cookies"). The Internet users have to have a possibility to choose not to be traced when they visit a site or use an application. Thus the publishers of web sites have the obligation to request beforehand the consent of the users.

The refusal of installation of a cookie can pull(entail) the impossibility to reach certain services(departments). The Internet user can however configure his Internet browser to refuse the installation of cookies.


The cookies measuring the audience are small files which allow to know and to analyze the statistics of traffic on the web site: the visited pages, the number of visits, the rate of bounce(recovery), the origin of the visits, … The cookies of measure of audience are totally anonymous.

On this site, it is the solution Googles Analytics who is used to measure the audience.


Cookies bound(connected) to the social networks are associated to the buttons which facilitate the division(sharing) of pages and articles on the social networks.


You can be asked to indicate us your e-mail address when you complete our contact form or put down(deposit) a comment on one of articles of the site website.

Under any circumstances, your e-mail address will be given up(sold) to thirds(third parties).


The choice of validating a comment on the website is left with the whole appreciation of the person in charge of publication. Comments can be deleted(eliminated), modified and corrected for a better understanding of the visitors (in particular for the spelling).

The Internet user can sign his comment of his name or pen name or name of his company. He can also informed an URL in the field "Web site". This link can not appear if it was judged that the comment did not really bring capital gain(increase in value) to the article. This, even if the comment is published.

Here are examples of case or comment maybe moderate or deleted(eliminated):

It was deleted(eliminated) by the anti-spam
It does not really bring capital gain(increase in value) and is not useful for the Internet users
It is stuffed with spelling mistakes or incomprehensible
It seems to be only deposited in an auto-promotional purpose
The indicated e-mail is apparently false
It is considered slanderous for a third(third party)


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