• Crespin Paris - philosophy

One step back in time

Crespin was the patron of shoemakers. He made shoes for everybody, regardless of creed or colour and whether they were rich or wretched. This revered man is said to have elevated the humble cobbler's trade to an art form and his shoes were the ultimate status symbol of their time.

Crespin's history is also our own: when three young French people set out to democratise their passion for authentic footwear, it only seemed appropriate to choose Crespin's name for our brand, as we share the same passions and expertise. Celebrating heritage, we rely on the traditional know-how of French craftsmen in order to deliver the very best quality which your feet surely deserve.

You might imagine that French artisan shoes from Crespin would be fancifully expensive, but you'd be wrong. The Crespin brand believes in top quality, beautiful shoes that will not break the bank. It can be difficult finding a shoe that fits perfectly and it would be a pity to pass up on the pair of your dreams, for fear of footing the bill.

But how on earth can you get hold of top end shoes without paying exorbitant prices?
The answer is very simple: we will never overcharge you for our name.