• Crespin Paris - Best quality shoes

Quality and comfort: a fitting pair

We will never compromise on quality. That is our promise to you

This is the first thing we said to ourselves when we embarked on this journey. We insist on the best quality leather that is available. Why? Because having beautiful shoes is essential; and having a pair that lasts and also feels good is even better. For that reason we use only leather from the best tanneries in France, and we found them in Puy which also supplies famous luxury maisons such as Hermès.

Quality is every bit as important to us as it is to you.

With this quality control ethos, you don't have to choose between comfort and style; with Crespin shoes you will get both. Natural softening of the shoe occurs smoothly and the uppers will remain in fine condition for many years; this is our guarantee to discerning customers. We understand the torment of having to mothball a favourite pair of shoes, just because they have become damaged.