• Men's elegance

Putting the best foot forward in fashion

French style is hard to pinpoint but it can be interpreted by the epithet "Simplicity is the key to elegance". At Crespin we really believe in this aphorism and it identifies our products. We strive to recreate the emblematic models of male footwear by emphasising the lines with simplicity and a modern twist. 'Chic' and 'Debonair' are two French words we also use in English to define crisp elegance and these shoes embody the French ideal perfectly.

We are passionate about the French form: somewhere between the sturdy English Oxford shoe and the long, thin Italian court shoe.

Timeless models are thus redesigned with the utmost respect for tradition, in order to add a contemporary flavour which will appeal to all ages of man from graduand to senior citizen. Whether your own style is for moccasins, boots, Derby or formal shoes, you will find something to suit you amongst Crespin's repertoire.

The simplicity and artisan workmanship behind every pair of Crespin shoes means that you will be stepping out in fine style, whatever the occasion.